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Azalea, Golden Lights


Rhododendron 'Golden Lights'
Golden Lights' Rhododendron, 'Golden Lights' Azalea, Late Midseason Azalea, Deciduous Azalea

Mature Height: 3-6'
Mature Spread: 3-6'

Bloom time: May
Bloom color: orange/yellow
Low maintenance

A hardy selection that provides a massive display of brilliant lush, bright green foliage, with golden orange/yellow single blooms in late spring. Tolerates a fair amount of sun in cool northern summers, The small mounding form with is excellent for massing in shrub borders and perennial beds, or for use as a vibrant flowering foundation plant. 

A profusion of buds in May produce a dazzling display of lightly fragranced large show-stopping flowers. Magnificent blossoms create a spectacular display in the spring, turning your garden into a visual masterpiece. 

Whether used as a standalone specimen, in mass plantings, or along borders this azalea shines. Its compact size and elegant form make it a versatile choice for a variety of garden styles.

This rhododendron is low-maintenance. It thrives in acidic, well-drained soil.
Acidify soils as needed (plants generally like soil pH in the range of 5.0 to 5.5). Add sulfur or iron sulfate to soils to lower the pH. Add limestone or lime to soils to raise the pH. 

Once established, it requires minimal care, making it a favorite for both novice and experienced gardeners.