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Barberry, Crimson Pygmy #3


Berberis thunbergii 'Crimson Pygmy'
(Japanese Barberry)

Mature Height: 2' -3'
Mature Width: 2' - 3'
Dwarf -slow growing, compact 
Low maintenance
Focal point 

Outstanding plant that brings immediate impact in your landscape. It features a truly useful compact size without fuss. Exceptional dark red foliage and easy, carefree growth make the Crimson Pygmy Barberry a landscape designer favorite.
It's an excellent choice for a sunny foundation planting, focal point, accent plant, or great as a low hedge in the landscape. From driveway hedges to polished, sleek color tucked under window sills, the Crimson Pygmy makes an unparalleled impression.

Needs full sun to flower and display best color, but will tolerate light shade. Can grow almost anywhere and tolerates a wide range of soils.

Gardens in deer country appreciate this plant's resistance to deer. Many people plant this shrub as a barrier plant to discourage deer from rummaging through their garden beds .In a normal year, Barberry isn't a deer favorite. However, deer will eat anything if they are hungry enough. In deer country, use Deer Repellent Spray on every new planting. Reapply according to the directions through the growing season.

Fall in love with the beautiful little Crimson Pygmy Barberry. It will give you many years of brilliant performance with very little care.