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Value in Updating Your Landscape

By updating your landscape you'll find yourself enjoying your new landscape much more than any outdated design.

Landscaping has a tremendous impact on the value, curb appeal, and aesthetic beauty of your home. If your landscaping feels outdated, old, or worn, taking the time to update your space will give your property a fresh, pleasant appearance.

When to Update Your Landscape

  • The Overgrown Landscape
  • The For Sale Landscape
  • The Unused Landscape
  • The High Maintenance Landscape
  • The Boring Landscape

Ideas to Update Your Landscape 

  • Widen Planting Beds
    Deep planting beds create a luxurious buffer around your home and provide space for additional planting of your favorite plants. While deepening beds you can also easily change their shape for a fresh, new look.
  • Create Privacy
    Landscaping that provides privacy is desirable to most. Tall ornamental grasses, shrubs such as privet, and evergreens to create a green wall are perfect options for this. 
  • Casting Shade
    Plants and trees that shade your home or outdoor spaces can help control temperature to make the area more comfortable and also save on heating and cooling bills. 
  • New Niches
    Creating a cozy niche in your landscape is a great way to encourage you to enjoy being outdoors. A comfortable hammock, swing, or bench can lead to more time outdoors. A fire pit welcomes gatherings. Beautiful plants and trees create peaceful additions to enjoy in your landscape.
  • Trees
    Trees are ideal long-term investments that add wonderful value to your property. A small tree may not seem significant, but over the years it will grow into a luxurious specimen that provides shade, privacy, distinction and great visual interest.

We have hundreds of plants and trees in stock to bring a new life to your old landscape!